Overview of Fiscal 2010
and Future Management Policies

Global Strategy, Performance and Future Growth

  • Let me start with the global domain.
  • The aims of the Dentsu Group's global strategy are to promote local management and enhance our services lineup, as well as to expand the Group's global and local client bases.
  • Strong performance in our global network
    Overseas operating income for fiscal 2010 saw significant growth, approximately 2.5 times larger than last year.
    In China, the earnings of Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd. as well as &c. Inc. showed favorable trends.
    In the United States, Dentsu McGarry Bowen, LLC succeeded in acquiring new accounts such as Bud Light.
    For two years in a row, Dentsu McGarry Bowen and 360i have been held in high regard by prominent industry magazines such as Ad Age of the United States.
  • New investments
    We have also maintained an aggressive stance in making new investments for the future.
    In an effort to further enhance group governance, we raised shareholdings in our three Indian subsidiaries to 100%. We have also made investments in the digital domain by acquiring Firstborn of the United States. By adding a new entity with a forte in digital creativity, Dentsu has reinvigorated its one-stop services operations globally.
  • Furthermore, with the aim of expanding business into the Oceania region, we have recently opened a new office, Dentsu Australia, at the beginning of the current term. The office has already launched its operations.
  • Our past measures have started to yield results in the global domain and we intend to continue our efforts in expanding business in this domain.
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