Overview of Fiscal 2010
and Future Management Policies

Concrete Initiatives in the Digital Domain

  • In the digital domain, earnings have shown steady growth as a result of implementing measures outlined in the Medium-Term Management Plan.
  • Positive performance in each segment
    In fiscal 2010, digital-related sales of the entire Dentsu Group increased by 15% year on year to 172 billion yen. The Internet media, mobile media, search engine marketing and solutions segments all showed positive results.
  • Strong alliances
    Following a partnership with Apple Inc. for iAdSM in November 2010, Dentsu formed another alliance with Facebook Inc., one of the global social media industry leaders. These alliances will further strengthen Dentsu's presence in the digital domain.
  • Improved digital solutions capabilities
    We also intend to continue our efforts in improving our digital solutions capabilities.
    The SIPS model, which we announced in January 2011, is a new consumer behavior model that takes into account the changes in consumer behavior in the era of social media.
    By making the most out of this unique behavior model, we will create synergy between social media platforms and traditional media with an aim to develop innovative solutions for our clients.
  • As you can see, our focus in the digital and global domains and the innovations that Dentsu pressed forward with in the days of President Takashima are starting to yield concrete results. We will continue to accelerate our efforts in these focus areas and pursue greater achievements.
  • This concludes my summary for fiscal 2010.
  • In the following slides, I would like to sketch the outlook for the domestic and overseas advertising markets, and share with you my view on the Dentsu Group's future growth opportunities.
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