Overview of Fiscal 2010
and Future Management Policies

Contributing to Our Clients' Growth - Future growth opportunities and recent measures (1)

  • I believe that if we succeed in fulfilling our primary mission of contributing to the growth of our clients, we have a good chance of realizing our own future growth.
  • I would like to outline our five key business opportunities and related measures from the perspective of contributing to our clients' growth.

(1) Developing new businesses and creating platforms

  • In recent years, many of our clients have increasingly started up new businesses or expanded into the direct marketing business. Such expansion of our clients' activities presents ideal opportunities for us to contribute to their growth. In April 2011 we established the Direct Marketing Division and Platform Business Division in an effort to collaborate with our clients in creating new business platforms.

(2) Reorganizing client services teams and positioning/utilizing personnel

  • In addition to establishing new organizations, I believe it is essential that we revamp our client services teams that are central to our business structure. We therefore took the step of conducting a partial reorganization of the Account Services divisions in April.
  • We will continue to reform the Group with a focus on strengthening engagement with our clients. The restructuring of our organizational framework, and the positioning and utilization of personnel Group-wide are also on our agenda.
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