Overview of Fiscal 2010
and Future Management Policies

Platform: Enhanced Collaboration with Key Players - Future growth opportunities and recent measures (2)

(3) Marketing intelligence

  • Enhancing "marketing intelligence," a capacity to link our insights to delivering solutions for our clients by accurately grasping changes in the consciousness of consumers and developments in the wider world, is crucial to increasing our added value.
  • With an aim to further enhance this capacity, we established the Marketing Intelligence Lab within the Dentsu Innovation Institute in April.

(4) Creativity

  • Creativity in a broad sense, or the ability to produce ideas, is also one of our core competencies. There are more than 1,000 creatives within the Dentsu Group. By utilizing these valuable human resources in domains beyond communications, in areas such as new business development and management, our profit-making opportunities will further expand. In April this year, we established a new personnel development framework called New School in order to further strengthen creativity and offer a more well-suited platform for our creativity.

(5) Sharing of expertise globally

  • With an aim to capitalize even more securely on such global growth opportunities, we made the Global Solutions Center, a department established in 2010, into an independent organization in April. With this move, we are promoting the global expansion of Dentsu's unique expertise and know-how.
  • At the same time, we integrated our Global Business Management Division into the Corporate Strategy Division at our corporate headquarters as a measure to reinvigorate our global strategy. By doing this, we have developed a framework that enables us to perform seamless global and domestic business management.
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