Financial Summary for 1H/FY2010

Consolidated Balance Sheets

  • Total assets were 1,086.5 billion yen, down 31.7 billion yen, or 2.8%, compared to the term-end of fiscal 2009.
  • The principal reasons for the change in assets include an increase in cash and deposits due to an increase in deposits from the sale of Publicis shares, a decrease in trade receivables due to seasonal reasons and the improvement of collection standards, and, in connection with the holding of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, a decrease due to the transfer of advance payments-trade to cost of sales.
  • As for liabilities, current liabilities fell due to a decrease in accounts payable. As for long-term liabilities, long-term accounts payable related to M&A increased.
  • Net assets were 497.3 billion yen, an 8.2 billion yen decrease from the previous year.
  • As for financial indicators, the equity ratio was 44.0% and the debt-to-equity ratio was 0.25 times.
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