Financial Summary for 1H/FY2010

Consolidated Forecast for FY2010

  • According to the Japan Center for Economic Research, Japan's total advertising expenditure for fiscal 2010 is predicted (as of September 2010) to decrease by 0.2% from the previous fiscal year, while advertising expenditures in the four mass media categories are also forecast to decline. Thus the extremely severe business climate is expected to continue. Nonetheless, we will pursue more aggressive marketing activities.
  • As for our earnings forecast for fiscal 2010, net sales will increase by 8.5% to 1,820.6 billion yen.
  • Operating income will be 47.5 billion yen, up 27.3% from the previous year.
  • Ordinary income will be 48.8 billion yen, up 9.0% from the previous year.
  • Net income is expected to be 20.8 billion yen, down 33.2% from the previous year.
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