Overview of 1H FY2010 and
Future Management Policies

Overview of the First Half of FY2010

  • In the first half, we were able to capitalize on various communications opportunities such as campaigns related to eco vehicle purchasing subsidies, the House of Councillors elections and the rise in advertising demand from Internet-related companies. Sales from our overseas Group companies, particularly in China and the United States, also contributed to the Group's earnings.
  • In terms of gross profit, while the overall gross profit margin experienced a slight decline, the profitability of services other than mass media has shown steady improvement.
  • Furthermore, we were able to achieve significant growth in operating income due to our continued efforts to reduce costs such as operating expenses.
  • We have thus succeeded in achieving steady earnings growth since last year; however, earnings have not yet returned to the levels seen in the first half of fiscal 2008 before the economic downturn triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. We will continue to commit ourselves to pursuing the targets defined in our Medium-Term Management Plan.
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