Overview of 1H FY2010 and
Future Management Policies

Factors that Contributed to the Strong 1H FY2010 Earnings

  • Allow me to elaborate on our performance for the first half.
  • The drop in advertising spending, which we had been experiencing since the Lehman Brothers collapse, appears to have come to a halt. There have been signs that clients are starting to invest in a more appropriate amount of advertising with the first half seeing an increase in the number of pitches.
  • In these pitches, our integrated campaign and creative execution proposals were highly rated by the clients. This has allowed us to win new client accounts as well as expand our share among existing clients.
  • Furthermore, clients have become more active in utilizing television spot commercials and interactive media. This has led to a recovery in television advertising and a significant increase in interactive media placements.
  • Although the business environment continues to be severe, I consider this robustness to be the fruit of our Integrated Solution Design services and the day-to-day marketing activities of our employees.
  • I would now like to outline the progress we have made so far in our focus areas, while sharing with you our future policies.
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