Overview of 1H FY2010 and
Future Management Policies

Global-1: Steady Expansion of Our Client Base

  • In the global domain, we have made progress primarily in two areas-localization and the establishment of a new managerial structure.
  • As a result of our localization efforts, the Group's local management and locally hired, talented staff members contributed exponentially to expanding the Group's client base in the global market by winning new global and local accounts as well as expanding their existing local accounts in the first half of fiscal 2010.
  • In the United States, Dentsu McGarry Bowen acquired several new accounts including the soft drink brand Seven Up and the pharmaceutical brand Advil.
    We also expanded our client base in the digital domain. 360i, an umbrella company of Dentsu Innovation Interactive, added the major financial institution Capital One to its client portfolio while China's &c. Inc. also won the Volkswagen account.
    Furthermore, the Group's global bases, including 360i and &c., collaborated in winning the Apple Online Store's digital media account in Asia.
  • In terms of performance figures, despite the prevailing sluggish economy, we were able to return to the black from a loss in the first half of fiscal 2009 due in part to our cost control initiatives, the steady growth in business in the Americas and a boost in profits, particularly in China.
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