Overview of 1H FY2010 and
Future Management Policies

Global-2: New Managerial Structure

  • With regard to the second area of progress in the global domain, in October 2010 Dentsu Inc. established Dentsu Network West (DNW), an organization to oversee the Dentsu Group's businesses in the Americas and Europe.
  • Prominent, influential figures from the local advertising industry have been appointed as the organization's management team. Delegated with the authority to make and implement management as well as investment decisions, the new organization aims to establish a unique network in its efforts to expand businesses in the Americas and Europe.
  • Together with the launch of DNW, Dentsu Inc. established the Global Solutions Center within its headquarters to boost and strengthen solutions capabilities on a global basis. The Global Solutions Center will work to establish a framework for collaboration to share the Group's worldwide knowledge and expertise not only among the DNW companies, but also among the Group's bases in China and other countries in Asia. Through mutual cooperation, the Group aims to leverage its client services and further expand its global businesses.
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