Financial Summary for FY2011
and Outlook for FY2012

Consolidated Earnings Forecast for FY2012

  • Japan’s total advertising expenditure is expected to grow 2.6% from fiscal 2011, thanks to the ongoing economic recovery in Japan and various events including the London Olympic Games that begin in July.
  • Considering these circumstances, the Dentsu Group’s earnings forecast for fiscal 2012 is as follows:
  • Net sales will increase by 4.0% to 1,968.0 billion yen.
  • Operating income will be 60.0 billion yen, up 15.4% from fiscal 2011.
  • Ordinary income will be 62.6 billion yen, down 0.4% from fiscal 2011.
  • Net income is expected to be 29.2 billion yen, down 1.3% from fiscal 2011.
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