Overview of FY2011 and
Future Management Policies

Domestic Business Strategy

  • Let me take this opportunity to explain our domestic business strategy aimed at medium- to long-term growth.
  • We have been implementing the optimum allocation of human resources throughout Dentsu Inc. since April.
  • The first point of the allocation is increasing client contact points.
    We have developed a structure in which the account, marketing and creative teams are more integrated. We also intend to increase revenue opportunities by increasing direct contact points with clients for employees who possess expertise in a wide range of areas.
  • The second point is the enhancement of personnel in priority domains.
    We intend to further hone our expertise in domains such as marketing intelligence, PR and promotion. In addition to existing clients, we aim to expand our client base to include startup IT companies and foreign companies that are newly entering the Japanese market.
  • The third point is shifting personnel from the administrative sector to the business sector.
    Without increasing the overall head-count, we will enhance the business sector and downsize the administrative sector.
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