Overview of 1H/FY2011 and
Future Management Policies

Enhancing Marketing Intelligence

  • In addition to developing marketing data sufficiently, the enhancement of marketing intelligence is also an extremely important factor.
  • Gathering large volumes of diversified data alone will not generate value. Such data will generate value only when the tasks that will bring success to our clients' businesses are identified and specific measures to execute such tasks are designed and accurately implemented.
  • The Dentsu Group has been enhancing marketing intelligence for a long time now. Marketing intelligence is the ability to draw out implications that are necessary for the clients from various data and facts. It is exactly this capacity that is the source of the competitiveness that the Dentsu Group has been cultivating, and we will further strengthen this ability.
  • For example, we have succeeded in deriving insights that lead to solutions for our clients' businesses by using tools such as DCATS, the Dentsu Group's original marketing PDCA analysis tool, and Sync-room, a marketing dashboard.
  • Our global network has also contributed significantly to enhancing marketing intelligence.
  • The advanced technologies and tools of 360i and IgnitionOne, which we acquired in the United States recently, are highly competitive on a global basis. Making active use of the technologies that our global network has brought us has led to an increasing number of cases where our clients' businesses have expanded.
  • Going forward, we will continue to develop and make effective use of the abundant data platforms that we are currently establishing, provide solutions derived from such data and execute implementations by maximizing the use of our global network and further improving our marketing intelligence.
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