Overview of 1H/FY2011 and
Future Management Policies

Generating Revenue through a Strong Business Frontline

  • Driving revenue generation built on the Dentsu Group's rich client base is the largest role of our business frontline that interacts with our clients on a day-to-day basis.
  • We have long been implementing measures to expand our revenues in domains where growth can be expected in the future, and have achieved a steady flow of positive results in various parts of the frontline.
  • In the direct marketing domain, in addition to mail-order retailers, many of our national clients have increasingly expanded into the direct marketing business.
  • An even shorter term and higher precision PDCA approach is required in this domain. Our one-stop client support services ranging from strategy development through data analysis, media planning and providing feedback to be incorporated in creative development have been well received.
  • In the platform business domain, we have engaged vigorously in initiatives to create new revenue bases in addition to our efforts in MAGASTORE and radiko, both independently as the Dentsu Group as well as in collaboration with our clients.
  • Furthermore, the Dentsu Group is poised to capture the expanding business opportunities in the smart grid domain, which has been attracting a high level of interest in recent years. We intend to accelerate initiatives in this domain, with our recently established Smart Innovation Business Development Department at the forefront.
  • In the digital business domain, we will seek to strengthen our current earnings base as well as cultivating new revenue bases through alliances with companies such as Facebook® and Skype Technologies.
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