Overview of 1H/FY2011 and
Future Management Policies

Diversifying and Expanding Revenue Bases

  • This concludes my summary of our initiatives in expanding revenue bases originating in marketing intelligence, which we position as one of our priorities.
  • I would now like to take this opportunity to refer to creativity, which I believe is as important as marketing intelligence in expanding the revenues of the Dentsu Group.
  • As I have always said, creativity is one of the Dentsu Group's core competencies and forms the very engine of our growth. It is the foundation for creating added value in the services that we provide our clients.
  • In order to unfailingly support our clients' success, the power to generate brilliant ideas in every phase of the PDCA cycle, or in other words, Group-wide creativity, plays a crucial role in the business scene.
  • To give an example in the digital business domain, the integration of conventional creative expertise and know-how has led to improvements in the competitiveness of the solutions we offer our clients as well as an increase in revenues.
  • We will strive to expand the Dentsu Group's market share by making the most of our marketing intelligence and creativity core competencies Group-wide in our efforts to both enhance our existing revenue bases and develop new ones that will lead to future growth.
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