Overview of 1H/FY2011 and
Future Management Policies

Strengthening Global Competitiveness with the Digital Arena as the Starting Point

  • Using the digital arena as a starting point, the Dentsu Group is engaged in a wide range of initiatives to enhance its global competitiveness.
  • Innovation Interactive, a company that we acquired in FY2010, has a substantial advantage in digital marketing. Its digital marketing agency, 360i, has strengths in search marketing and social media domains, while IgnitionOne, another subsidiary, provides high performance SEM tools and possesses advanced behavioral targeting technology.
  • The tools developed by IgnitionOne are incorporated into the Dentsu Group's original platform, and we are achieving high-speed PDCA marketing through optimization of SEM, ads, and conversion, not only for our clients in the Americas and Europe but also in Japan and other parts of Asia.
  • This year we acquired Firstborn which has strengths in digital creativity, the Steak Group that operates mainly in the UK and is strong in SEM, and AdJug, which has an advantage in ad networks.
  • In the China and ASEAN regions, we are also pursuing a collaboration between &c. and Innovation Interactive.
  • The Dentsu Group is currently working on developing a one-stop system that covers all digital ad domains including integrated control of campaigns, targeting and client analysis.
  • As such, we are continuously striving to enhance our competitiveness in the global arena with the aim of establishing new revenue bases.
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