Dentsu 2017 and Beyond –Innovation × Reinvention–

Dentsu Innovation 2013 Achievements to Date

  • I would now like to elaborate on progress and achievements in our priority areas.
  • In our digital business, the Group’s gross profit increased 1.7 times over the last four years.
  • In our global business, gross profit increased 1.9 times due to development of the business platform through M&A.
  • Due to the completion of the acquisition of Aegis Group in March, we have been able to establish a platform for providing high quality service on a global basis.
  • With regard to structural reforms, we have mainly focused on reforms within Japan.
  • With respect to our cost structure, we carried out a fundamental review of operating expenses in 2009, and have since maintained them at the same level.
  • We have already introduced specific measures at Dentsu, including a new personnel system.