Dentsu 2017 and Beyond –Innovation × Reinvention–

Competitiveness of Aegis

  • I have already mentioned the high competitiveness of Aegis, but upon reiterating their strengths, I would like to summarize them into the following three points.
  • The first point is that they have established a global business platform.
  • Aegis has grown their business significantly in North America, which is still the world’s largest advertising market.
  • Furthermore, the highly complementary geographic fit with Dentsu’s business platform was also a major attraction of Aegis.
  • In the digital domain where competition is extremely tough, Aegis has a well-developed business platform and a reputation for high quality service, which are important factors that support their competitiveness.
  • In addition, one example that shows Aegis’ competitiveness is that they had achieved a high internal growth rate and an operating margin that exceeded their competitors as of last year, when they had announced their business results externally.
  • In the next slide I would like to talk about how the Dentsu Group views future growth opportunities having acquired Aegis, a company with such competitive strengths.