Dentsu 2017 and Beyond –Innovation × Reinvention–

1 Diversifying the Portfolio on a Global Basis a) Strengthening the Client Base

  • In diversifying our portfolio on a global basis, the strengthening of our client base will be a major pillar.
  • By mutually using the client assets that Dentsu and Aegis have established independently, we will strengthen both client bases.
  • In particular, the opportunities to support on a global basis companies that are engaged in global marketing will expand significantly.
    • Overseas expansion by Japanese companies, which are the core clients of Dentsu
    • Expansion into Japan by overseas companies, which are the core clients of Aegis
    • Worldwide expansion by global companies
  • With clients that already have accounts in several countries and regions, we will seek to expand business in terms of both region and service offerings.
  • A strong driver in such enhancement of the client base will be the “content” that the Dentsu Group possesses.
  • By making the most of Japan’s leading-edge entertainment content and Dentsu’s rich sports content, we will promote the expansion of business based on content as well as the client base.
  • Following the addition of Aegis, I believe that the Dentsu Group will be able to work more effectively as a platform for distributing and expanding the value of Japanese and overseas content.