Dentsu 2017 and Beyond –Innovation × Reinvention–

4 Further Reinforcing the Business Platform in the Core Japanese Market

  • A unique advantage of the Dentsu Group is its unmatched business platform in Japan, one of its key competitive strengths as a global network.
  • Therefore, we will continue to focus on strengthening our competitiveness in the Japanese market.
  • We will seek to further increase market share in existing businesses such as the mass media business, in addition to seeking further improvements in profitability.
  • Moreover, the expansion of the service domain based on conventional ad businesses will also be an important theme.
  • The network that Dentsu has created with its clients and partners will become very useful in such an expansion of domain.
  • We also position further acceleration of the ongoing structural reforms as an essential task in strengthening our business platform in Japan.
  • In “Re-engineering Business Processes and Improving Profitability,” which I mentioned earlier, we have positioned Japan as the most important region.