Dentsu 2017 and Beyond –Innovation × Reinvention–

Dentsu 2017 and Beyond

  • I have described our basic policies for the next five years. However, we will first focus on generating multilateral synergy with Aegis, whose acquisition was completed in March, as early as possible.
  • As I mentioned when explaining collaboration in new account acquisition, we have seen strong signs of synergy with Aegis.
  • Although we will focus on seeking synergy with Aegis in the short run, over the entire period of the plan we intend to carry out M&A flexibly with the aim of securing scale mainly in growth markets, complementing functions, and acquiring innovative technology.
  • Furthermore, in our overseas business in particular, we will actively make use of the management know-how of Aegis, which possesses extensive investment management expertise.
  • The Dentsu Group intends to continue “Innovation X Reinvention” in order to evolve into a truly global network beyond the boundaries of the conventional ad business.
  • I thank you for your continuing support of the Dentsu Group.
  • This concludes my presentation. Thank you for your time.