Overview of 1H FY2012 and
Future Management Policies

Domestic Business Strategy

  • Strengthening our competitiveness in Japan, the world's second largest advertising market, is an important theme for the Dentsu Group in constructing a global and full-scale network.
  • One of the purposes of the front-line reforms that we have been promoting at the parent company since the beginning of the term is to become more flexible in organizing teams of account executives and various specialists in order to strengthen our ability to meet client needs that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and to respond to new types of advertisers.
    We began seeing the fruits of the reforms after the first half.
    There have recently been several cases in which new global IT companies have appreciated the added value generated from the fusion of the Dentsu Group's expertise and integration abilities, enabling us to win accounts.
  • Furthermore, the role of the Group companies in the domestic business is increasing.
    In the first half of fiscal 2012, the five domestic regional subsidiaries, which play a large part in expanding the Dentsu Group's customer portfolio, achieved growth that exceeded the parent company's. In addition, the Group companies' efforts to improve expertise in the creative, digital and direct marketing domains have led to a rise in the competitiveness and profitability of the entire Group. We intend to further accelerate this move.
  • I would now like to explain a little more about Business Intelligence (BI), which will be the new key to added value of the Dentsu Group.
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