Overview of 1H FY2012 and
Future Management Policies

Domestic Business Strategy - Expanding Growth Domains

  • The true purpose of BI is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Dentsu Group and eventually expand our share in the marketing expenditure of clients by combining Dentsu's unique strengths accumulated in existing businesses with new strength gained through BI.
    In short, we aim to increase direct handling of advertising and marketing that utilizes BI to gain new client bases that we had not previously been able to cover and to improve the profitability of existing businesses by offering added value through BI.
  • The central role in such efforts will be taken by the new BI divisions that were established in April and which we introduced to you in our last presentation in May.
    The efforts of the BI divisions have already started to bear fruit in the first half of fiscal 2012, with the digital domain achieving high growth through solutions based on advanced technologies such as those of the US-based Dentsu Innovation Interactive.
    In addition, the Dentsu Group was highly rated in the direct marketing domain for its unique proposal to integrate online and offline campaigns and achieved double-digit growth in related sales in the first half.
  • We believe it is important to make sure that the front-line reforms produce results, so that we can make the most of BI as a competitive strength of the Dentsu Group.
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