Summary of FY2013 and Management Strategy

Further reinforcing the business platform in the core Japanese market

  • Although the current advertising market in Japan remains more than 10% lower than the 2007 peak, our Group's Japan business has shown a strong performance over the past several years.
  • Together with media companies, our Group has stepped up efforts to restructure media values. This effort has resulted in the solid underlying strength of the mass media business, which, fortunately, is contrary to what we had expected several years ago.
  • On the other hand, the non-mass media domain, including digital and promotion, has improved its ability to respond to clients' issues by developing and improving technologies and methods. This domain has grown into a crucial revenue base.
  • Toward the profit structure of the integrated solution model, where the two wheels of mass and non-mass domains rotate to generate revenue, we will continue to evolve.
  • As I have explained, we have steadily implemented the four strategies of the current medium-term plan in fiscal 2013.
    We will continue to work on these strategies in fiscal 2014 as well.
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