Summary of 1st Half of Fiscal 2013
and Management Strategy

Core Business

  • I believe such growth opportunities lie in the “Development of Marketing Convergence.”
    The center of the slide shows the process of marketing.
    While optimization based on marketing data has been carried out in terms of each of these individual processes, the Dentsu Group intends to take on the challenge of optimizing overall marketing activities and improving ROI. In order to do so, it will be necessary to enable the analysis of various data related to marketing, build a platform that links the vast amount of data, and to operate the platform at a low cost.
    In addition to the domains of mass marketing and promotions, which have been the source of Dentsu's competitiveness, we have fostered the digital and direct domains as our new strengths.
    Furthermore, we have also implemented a streamlined set of services including the selling scheme and post-sale CRM.
    We believe that these initiatives will optimize marketing activities and improve ROI to the next high level through comprehensively supporting the overall business of a client.
    These far-sighted challenges will lead to expansion of our services and of the revenue stream.
    We believe that is exactly where the potential lies for the Dentsu Group to continue growing in a mature market like Japan.
    We have produced concrete results that we carried out with major clients in a variety of industries including automobile, communication, beverage and toiletries and the other many clients have interest in it.
    We will accumulate the results to establish a role model and use this as our unique strength in securing a global competitive advantage.
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