Summary of 1st Half of Fiscal 2013
and Management Strategy

Core Business

  • Last but not least, the progress of our KPIs set in our medium-term plan is shown in the slide.
  • The progress of each indicator is steady and I would like to explain just two points regarding the operating margin.
  • The first point is that the operating margin tends to be lower in the first half of the year than in the second half.
  • The second point is that Dentsu Aegis Network is running a number of global transformation projects in IT and other, ensuring that we have a functional backbone to support our business expansion. In addition to the one off integration investment we are making this year and next, This means that we are taking short term costs for important benefits over the longer term.
  • I would like to emphasize that the margin of Japanese business is improving and so we expect to have a higher margin than the previous year on a full year consolidated basis.
  • I would like to conclude my presentation by stating my appreciation for your continued support of the development of the new Dentsu Group. Thank you.
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