Summary of the First Half of FY2015 and Management Strategy

Dentsu 2017 and Beyond

  • Lastly, let me turn to the outlook for our Group.
  • As for 2015, where we are halfway through the fourth quarter, we are reiterating the forecast we disclosed in May.
  • The 2016 fiscal year has a series of large-scale events outside Japan, including Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games and U.S. presidential election, so that we are expecting higher market growth next year compared to 2015. With this background in mind, we will strive to maintain our positive momentum in the global market.
  • In the Japanese market, we will continue to target new business opportunities created through various changes of business environment, such as the liberalization of the retail electricity market, inbound consumption, omnichannel marketing and major developments in e-commerce.
  • And finally, we will also continue to fulfil our responsibility as marketing agency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, while aggressively taking advantage of the opportunities given to us, including communications using sponsorship, so called activation, which will gradually get into full swing.
  • We are committed to improving integrated problem-solving ability and revenue creation capabilities in order to become a partner who supports client success in diverse ways.
  • I would like to conclude my presentation by stating my appreciation for your continued support for the development of the Dentsu Group. Thank you.
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