Summary of FY2014 and Management Strategy

Diversifying the portfolio on a global basis

  • Let me now briefly explain the key points for each region.
  • The first region is APAC. APAC achieved substantial growth of 14.4% in fiscal 2014, which even exceeded the favorable performance of 8.9% in fiscal 2013.
  • And the key driver of that growth is China.
  • We achieved substantial organic growth thanks to synergy among our Group companies even during the business integration period, as well as the recovery of Japanese clients who refrained from placing advertisements in 2013 due to diplomatic considerations.
  • In Australia, which is the third largest market in APAC after China and Japan, we showed strong performance that outperformed the market.
  • Additionally, in emerging markets, such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, we achieved favorable performance by working steadily with global clients focusing on these fast-growing markets.
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