Summary of FY2014 and Management Strategy


  • Under these circumstances, we will enter the third year of our medium-term management plan and hit the halfway point this year. So far, as I mentioned at the beginning, we have made steady progress toward our goal.
  • Our international business continues to maintain its strong momentum in the first quarter of this fiscal year.
  • We will continue to reinforce our business platform for sustainable growth in line with the strategies set out under the current medium-term management plan.
  • Particularly with growth measures focusing on capability enhancement in the sharply growing digital domain, we will make efforts to achieve results that outperform the market growth in each region around the world.
  • Meanwhile, in our Japan business—the core market of the Dentsu Group—we will aggressively take advantage of new business opportunities available to us in our capacity as marketing agency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • We consider 2020 to be the perfect opportunity to make Group-wide efforts to drive the future growth and innovation of Japan as a whole.
  • I would like to conclude my presentation by expressing my appreciation for your continued support for the development of the Dentsu Group. Thank you.
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