Summary of the First Half of FY2014 and Management Strategy

Diversifying the portfolio on a global basis

  • Let me now briefly explain the topics for each of the major regions.
  • The first region is APAC. Organic growth in the first half of 2014 was 15.1%, which is quite substantial.
  • With regard to the Dentsu Group's APAC business, the largest amount of business conducted on a single country basis, excluding Japan, comes from China.
  • Partly due to the recovery of business with Japanese clients in China who had refrained from placing advertisements last year due to the strained relations between China and Japan, business in China achieved substantial organic growth and is driving the entire APAC business.
  • Other markets in APAC, including India, Indonesia and the Philippines, have also achieved good performance, with global clients stepping up their marketing activities in these emerging countries.
  • Our business in APAC continued to grow in the July-September period, with organic growth reaching15.5%.
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