Summary of the First Half of FY2014 and Management Strategy

Global ad market outlook in 2015

  • Last but not least, I would like to talk about the outlook for the next year.
  • As you can see in this slide, this is the outlook of the global advertising market based on estimates made by Carat, a member of the Dentsu Group.
  • In 2015, compared with 2014, the advertising spend growth rates in most regions, apart from APAC, are expected to slow.
  • This is partly due to the growing geopolitical risks in some regions at this moment, but also as a result of some regions remaining in recovery mode.
  • With this outlook in mind, our business in Japan and globally has this year so far continued to achieve substantial organic growth that has exceeded market growth.
  • And, in 2015, we will make continued efforts to achieve results that exceed market growth.
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