Summary of the First Half of FY2014 and Management Strategy


  • As we enter the third year of our medium-term management plan next year, our Group will keep taking on challenges toward change and evolution.
  • In our Group, although our regional portfolio is becoming increasingly balanced, we will continue the ongoing enhancement of our global business infrastructure.
  • Digital advertising, which is continuing its double-digit growth globally, is likely to maintain a position closer to the center.
  • Our group will carry out more acquisitions and internal development to enhance our competitiveness not only in the field of digital advertisement but also in the digital domain from multiple perspectives.
  • By further enhancing the global business portfolio and reinforcing the capability in the digital domain, we will make continued efforts to aggressively take on opportunities for growth and maintain performance that exceeds market growth in each region by further enhancing business infrastructure in Japan and in each region, and by supporting our clients’ marketing activities worldwide.
  • I would like to conclude my presentation by stating my appreciation for your continued support for the development of the Dentsu Group.
  • Thank you.
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