Current Status & Outlook for the Dentsu Group

“Dentsu 2017 and Beyond” KPIs & Progress1

  • I will now explain the progress we have made in carrying out this plan. Our organic growth rate target for gross profit was 5.1% in the last fiscal year. We are achieving more growth than the target each year of this plan. Our gross profit including M&A has increased around 200 billion yen from FY2013 to 789 billion yen.
  • Also, our international ratio for gross profit reached 54% in 2016, which is an increase of 10 basis points compared with when we drafted the plan.
  • While we continue to post growth in the Japan business, our international business showed strong growth with outperforming our global peers to the point where it now accounts for over 50% of consolidated gross profit.
  • If we include the contribution from M&As, the average growth rate of our international business after acquiring the Aegis group was 15% and that in 2016 was even more than 18%.
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