Current Status & Outlook for the Dentsu Group

New Medium-term Outlook and Management Focus for the Dentsu Group

  • As I discussed, over the past few years, the Dentsu Group overall has steadily achieved the growth of its business as called for in the medium-term management plan.
  • Nonetheless, in 2016 a number of problems were uncovered in the Japan operations of the Dentsu Group, such as overwork. We drew harsh criticism from many people.
    I plan to clarify the structural factors and problems that were at the root of the series of incidents that took place. My top priority at the moment is to quickly reform our Japan business.
  • Meanwhile, in the international business, I would like to continue and even promote our growth momentum, while properly assessing risks in the macro environment.
  • Given the changes in the domestic and overseas environment in which we operate and the achievement of the targets in our medium-term management plan, which I just discussed, as the new head of the Dentsu Group, I thinks we should regard 2017 as a year of turning point for our group to reinvent ourselves for further growth. Then we should start developing and present our stakeholders with a new medium-term management plan.
  • As a prelim to this, today I will discuss what I believe to be the issues plaguing the Dentsu Group and our medium-term outlook, as these will be the basis for the new medium-term management plan.
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