Current Status & Outlook for the Dentsu Group

Medium-term Outlook and Management Focus for the Dentsu Group2

  • The second point is “Foster a strong and supportive culture for our people and leaders to drive sustainable growth.”
  • As I mentioned, our business in Japan is on the way of reforming the working environment to solve structural issues. Our guidance of the Japan business in 2017 showed a temporary fall from the 2016 results due to forward-looking investment in measures to improve our productivity from the mid-term view point.
  • However, I view our difficult predicament as an opportunity to become a leading corporate group that aims to implement a new style of working.
    To this end, our first priority should be implementing structural reform in order to comply with labor laws and to safeguard the health of our employees.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of reforms of working environment, as we announced earlier, we established an "Independent Advisory Committee."
  • In addition, we need to gain the cooperation of our employees to introduce trials of agile working styles that reflect the changes in society and economy.
  • We also aim to nurture a corporate culture that emphasizes diversity inside and outside the group with utilizing various specialties and resources, to drive creativity to get better results for our people and clients.
    In order to achieve sustainable growth of our group, the core driving force should be development of our people.
    Therefor the main focus of work-style reformation in Japan is a positive cycle in which development of our people will lead to the growth of our business.
  • We will foster a strong and supportive foundation to drive sustainable growth through the fundamental reforms of our Japan business with measures which I explained.
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