Current Status & Outlook for the Dentsu Group

Medium-term Outlook and Management Focus for the Dentsu Group3

  • The third point is “Leverage innovation and digital capabilities to deliver value to our clients.”
  • With the increase in the volume of data on consumers’ attitudes and behaviors, enhancing effectiveness of marketing and accountabilities become an important management issue both domestically and internationally. This will be carried out with utilizing and combining various data within the companies.
  • To reflect this trend, players from various industries, such as consultancies and IT companies are entering the digital marketing domain and competition is heated and complex.
  • However, despite this, I am confident the Dentsu Group, which has forged competence over many years in the fields of advertising, and media, can propose truly unique solutions to our clients with combining it with data related capabilities from newly acquired companies, such as Merkle.
  • Moreover now it is required to provide consumers with high quality and unique brand experience in real time at each contact point, as advancement of technologies promoted more contact points between consumers and corporations.
    To create strong ties between consumers and corporations, it is important to deliver high quality brand experience with the perspective of consumers. We reassure our core competence of creativity to design such unique experiences.
  • At the same time, we are proceeding with redesigning our operational processes to support above mentioned initiatives.
  • We aim to improve our productivity by using various technologies to make our processes and operations efficient.
  • To carry out the measures I have just explained, we will need to obtain knowhow and capture business opportunities, in part through M&A deals and corporate venture capital activities, and also look extensively outside of the Dentsu Group, including the formation of partnerships.
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