Current Status & Outlook for the Dentsu Group

Dentsu Group Moves Toward the Future

  • In closing, I would like to mention some of my thoughts on the future of the Dentsu Group.
  • As I mentioned, technological innovations are bringing rapid changes to the concept of marketing and communications as well as to our lifestyle and to the industry structure itself. Amid this, new opportunities and innovations are constantly surfacing around the world.
  • It is our aim to promptly address these opportunities and to be a leader in innovation. It is necessary that we have the courage to constantly re-engineer our own businesses while also quickly trying out innovations that emerge outside of the group.
  • To pursue these possibilities, I believe we need to create an environment where every employee of the Dentsu Group around the world can grow as a professional, broaden their potential and mutually inspire one another.
  • We look to offer our employees a workplace where they can amass thrilling experiences using leading innovations and which surpass the differences of regions and industries. Furthermore, in this age of evolutionary change, we aim to create a workplace that is a catalyst for an employee’s growth as a professional by inviting experts from outside the company to provide training.
  • In this era of dynamic change, success cannot be achieved by simply trying to stay ahead of the game.
  • Ambition, curiosity and the spirit to take on a challenge are what is most important to turn change into opportunities for growth and evolution.
  • My mission is to create a positive cycle where fostering personal growth will construction the constant growth of corporate value and this growth in turn will inspire further curiosity.
  • I will ask you to watch over the progress of our group reformation.
  • This ends my presentation. Thank you for listening.
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