Summary of the First Half of FY2016 and Management Topics

Outlook for H2 2016

  • In conclusion, I would likely to briefly comment on our business outlook.
  • On the Brexit decision, announced in June, there has been little impact on our business so far.
  • Of course, its future impact on the advertising market and the macro-economy are still uncertain. So, at present, all I can say is that it is difficult to comment accurately on the potential impact, but we will continue to closely monitor the situation.
  • In the US, we anticipate that the contribution from large-scale new business wins in Q4 2015 and Q1 2016 will drive a recovery in our organic growth there in the second half.
  • Despite some uncertain macroeconomic factors, we believe the digital domain will continue to generate significant interest from our clients. Therefore in Japan and internationally, we plan to continue actively strengthening our competitiveness in the digital domain as we more forward, in order to capture the growth opportunities and to enhance our business in this area.
  • So, for the full fiscal year of 2016, we plan to continue to put our best foot forward, with a view to achieving our earnings forecasts for the year.
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