An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Quarterly Consolidated Results

Historical Data (XLS)

(JPY mn)

Turnover (*1)1,248,410 1,187,711
Revenue243,514 217,658
Revenue less cost of sales222,562 205,761
Organic growth+5.4% (2.1%)
Japan86,276 82,824
Organic growth+2.7% (5.0%)
International136,326 122,983
Organic growth+7.0% (0.2%)
EMEA49,383 43,767
Organic growth+8.2% +5.9%
Americas56,323 50,446
Organic growth+5.3% (2.0%)
APAC30,622 28,755
Organic growth+8.2% (5.5%)
Selling, general and administrative expenses203,643 188,107
Other income (expenses)(1,459)813
Operating profit17,459 18,467
Share of results of associates225 969
Gain on sales of shares of associates51,569 -
Profit before interest and tax69,254 19,436
Finance income (costs)6,329 2,182
Profit before tax75,583 21,619
Income tax expense26,756 6,584
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests1,412 1,234
Profit attributable to owners of the parent47,414 13,800
Underlying operating profit (*2)28,647 30,480
Japan15,954 15,972
International12,691 14,500
Operating margin12.9%14.8%
Reconciliation from Underlying operating profit to Statutory operating profit(11,187)(12,013)
Amortization of M&A related intangible assets(8,774)(8,807)
Acquisition costs(307)(589)
Share-based compensation expenses
related to acquired companies
One-off items (180)(2,206)
Underlying net profit (*3)16,414 18,730
Reconciliation from Underlying net profit to Statutory net profit30,999 (4,929)
Operating profit adjustments(11,187)(12,013)
Gain on sales of shares of associates52,128 -
Gain (loss) on revaluation of earnout liabilities
and M&A related put option liabilities
8,770 4,654
Related income tax expense(18,918)2,248
Others206 180

Note: Net profit, Underlying net profit... Excluding attribution to non-controlling interests




*1: Turnover represents the gross amounts billable to clients handled by the Group on behalf of clients, with net of discounts, VAT and other sales-related taxes.

*2: Underlying operating profit is a KPI to measure recurring business performance which is calculated as operating profit added with amortization of M&A related intangible assets, acquisition costs and one-off items such as impairment loss and gain/loss on sales of non-current assets.

*3: Underlying net profit (attributable to owners of the parent) is a KPI to measure recurring net profit attributable to owners of the parent which is calculated as net profit (attributable to owners of the parent) added with adjustment items related to operating profit, revaluation of earnout liabilities / M&A related put-option liabilities, tax-related, NCI profit-related and other one-off items.

*4: IFRS15 “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” is applied from January 1st, 2018. The past figures are based on the old standards.