An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


Selected articles reproduced from Web Dentsu-ho, a Japanese-language advertising industry news site.

Location-based Data Reveals Train Station Info

Dentsu’s OOH advertising evolves with GroundTruth’s mobile data
(May 2018)

Designing Communication between Chatbot and Drivers

Creating a new chatting ad prototype:A project involved developing a trial voice ad service in collaboration between Dentsu and a company that offers a car navigation app.
(April 2018)

AI MIRAI - A Dentsu Project Team

A project team formed at the Dentsu Head Office in 2017
(March 2018)

Dressing Venus ─ a painted figure that has been nude for 100 years

An all-new form of live painting incorporating VR, AR and AI
(August 2017)

VR drives business growth

VR drives business growth

Dentsu sees virtual reality (VR) as ushering in a communication revolution.
In this installment, we look at Dentsu VR Plus, an initiative launched in November 2016, as well as various examples of how VR has been applied in projects in which Dentsu is involved.
(March 2017)

Dentsu finds a way to contribute to healthcare in an aging society

Can HOSPITAL-TY Bring More Hospitality to Hospitals?

Dentsu finds a way to contribute to healthcare in an aging society
(March 2017)

Will All of Our Apps Turn into Birds?

Will All of Our Apps Turn into Birds?

The creation of Cotorees birdlike computers
(December 2016)

Dentsu Launches "DENTSU SPACE LAB," a Special Team for Space Projects

The place to go at Dentsu for space-related consultation that applies in the rest of the world
(August 2016)

Full Launch of "VR Theater"!

Experience a 360-Degree Spectacle of "Attack on Titan Exhibition" and "Ghost in the Shell" at the World's First Multiplex Internet Café Offering a Virtual Reality Service.
(June 2016)

Space Industries and Resources & Energy

Space Industries and Resources & Energy

Space technology for resources and energy -
a new attempt to enhance Japan–UAE industry cooperation.
(March 2016)


The "72 Seasons" Calendar App

Fancy a calendar to learn about and enjoy the traditional lifestyle and culture of Japan?
(March 2016)