Overview of the Dentsu Group

Message from the Management

Tadashi Ishii President & CEO

The Dentsu Group has adopted "Good Innovation." as the slogan that best embodies our corporate philosophy.

By "innovation" we are not talking about just technological innovation. We mean reforming our organization and business model to create new, socially significant value, and drawing on new ideas that give form to our vision of being a business group that can help create a brighter, happier future for society.

We believe this slogan will guide our business in the communications domain and beyond, such as assisting our clients with corporate management issues or challenges in their business operations. We will always look at the situation our clients are facing, identify each core issue, and deliver solutions for them.

To create this kind of innovation we must gather the three sources of our strength which are defined in our corporate philosophy: ideas that reach beyond the imaginable, technology that crosses the bounds of possibilities, and entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected. The Dentsu Group's mission is to bring positive change to society which in turn will lead to increased value for all stakeholders of the Dentsu Group.

In March 2013, Dentsu acquired Aegis Group, headquartered in London. The newly founded subsidiary Dentsu Aegis Network will administer the Group's overseas business operations.

Following the incorporation of Aegis, the Dentsu Group will redouble our efforts to carry our work forward throughout a global network that now incorporates 124 countries and territories around the world, sharing and integrating services to develop and offer innovative services and to create opportunities to propose new initiatives to clients around the globe through the teamwork of a Dentsu-Aegis collaboration. Working together across national boundaries and areas of business, we continue to strive to be the most preferred partner for our clients, wherever in the world they may be.

We will continue to grow as a creative network in which every employee has the opportunity to show leadership and come up with the solution to a problem. Working together under our corporate philosophy of "Good Innovation." the around 40,000 employees of the Dentsu Group, each with their own diverse specializations, will continue to hone their intelligence and creativity, inspiring each other to produce synergistic effects. We will continue to work together to find solutions to the problems facing companies and societies at large.

Dentsu Group Corporate Philosophy

Business Domains & Strengths

Corporate Governance Policy

Dentsu newly formulated "Corporate Governance Policy" and "Independence Standards for Outside Directors."

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