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the projected website visits 


projected leads 


positive social media sentiment 


The Middle East is renowned for big and luxurious vehicles. In a market dominated by luxury brands, our new car could go completely unnoticed. We knew that we needed to change people’s preconceived ideas and position the all-new Chevrolet sedan as both desirable and affordable.


We launched the campaign with unbranded creative, from an unbranded social media handle (a regional first!). A car with no name, made by an unknown brand. An #unexpected mystery began on Twitter and Instagram to discover what Car X was and who was behind it. 


  1. Delivered 5.25 x the target website visits 
  2. Delivered 3.13 x the target leads 
  3. 433 people registered their intent to buy Car X 
  4. 90% positive social media sentiment


Carat is the world’s first media agency and privileged to work with some of the most storied and innovative brands in the world. Most recently named a leader amongst global media agencies by Forrester, Carat is consistently ranked the #1 media agency in the world. With over 12,000 experts in over 100 countries. Carat is a dentsu company and delivers an unparalleled capability to unlock real human understanding and connect people and brands through powerful and engaging media experiences.

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