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Science and research takes time. And ever since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $115m, ALS patients have been eager for breakthroughs to improve their quality of life now.

Within a couple of years of diagnosis, most ALS patients end up paralysed in a wheelchair and forced to communicate via text-to-speech devices, typically through a default ‘computer’ voice.


In partnership with AI and voice specialists we created Project Revoice, a program to digitally clone ALS patients’ voices so they can keep communicating as themselves even after they can no longer physically speak.

To launch this life-changing program we recreated the voice of Ice Bucket Challenge co-founder Pat Quinn and captured the moment when he spoke again for the first time in over a year.


Over 900 million earned media reach. 

Week one: Over one million organic video views. 

By week two: Over 41 million people joined the conversation online. 

Over 680 articles globally. 

Over 500 patients joined the program in the first month alone.

Pat Quinn ALS Project Revoice Quote

“This will change how people live with ALS forever."
Pat Quinn, co-founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge