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Heart disease is New Zealand's biggest killer, taking 6,500 live each year, about half of which are preventable. That’s a lot of people dying unnecessarily. 

The Heart Foundation had to fight back. 

They set BC&F Dentsu an ambitious goal: Increase awareness of heart attack symptoms by 15% and ambulance calls by 10% in just two weeks.

Heart attacks affect people differently. So there’s a vast list of symptoms, which may or may not be experienced, and are often subtle.


increase in calls relating to heart events


increase in symptom awareness


international award wins


BC&F Dentsu conducted quantitative and qualitative research and discovered that many didn’t actually know what a heart attack looked like.


BC&F Dentsu created a television ad, asking viewers to guess who gave the most realistic performance of someone experiencing a heart attack. But it was a trick question.


The campaign exceeded it’s goals, but more importantly, it actually saved lives, with several testimonies from individuals who recognised the symptoms from the ad and called for help.