Norihiro Kuretani

CEO, dentsu Japan

Norihiro Kuretani joined Dentsu Inc. in 1988. With a career overseeing businesses including terrestrial broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, cable TV, internet media and media planning, Kuretani has been involved in launches of new media which contributed not only to sales but to content development and construction of evaluation index systems. Following this he was CEO of Dentsu Digital and Director of ISID as well as other group companies in Japan, managing areas in digital media, digital solutions, data & technology, and media planning for Dentsu Inc. and its subsidiaries in Japan. He was appointed Executive Vice President and Director of Dentsu in 2020. From 2022, he is Director and Executive Officer of Dentsu Group Inc., President & CEO of Dentsu Japan Network and Representative Director, President & CEO of Dentsu Inc. As CEO dentsu Japan, Kuretani will oversee the integrated growth strategy and business execution within the Japan region.