Luisa Bernardes

EVP of Media, Customer Journey and Data Intelligence

I’ve been working in media for 19 years. Previously, I worked for global clients like L’Oreal, Coca-cola, Reebok, Umbro and WalMart, and brazilian companies like Tramontina, Oi, Vulcabras Azaleia, among others. I studied Advertising, Management, and IT. My experience is based in the total integration of digital and offline media, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

I’ve been working for Dan for the last 5 years and my main role is leading the agency media and data intelligence teams to find the best digital and offline strategies, negotiations and optimizations for our clients in Brazil. I lead a team of 40 people. In my team there are media planners, media buyers, digital planners, digital buyers, social media planners, operational members and data intelligence professionals. I was also a ballroom dance teacher and I was part of a contemporary dance company. Nowadays I live in Rio and I’m a samba and brazilian music lover.

Luisa Bernardes

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