In 2021, PartsEngine tasked iProspect to further maximize Search channels and increase revenue by 30%. So how did iProspect increase revenue, without sacrificing ROAS, after a record year of sales with an already robust and heavily funded Search account?


PartsEngine has more than 14,000 unique products on their site serving 2,000+ distinct product categories. To fully unlock incremental revenue iProspect would have to capitalize on intent across all auto part categories.

To achieve automation at scale, iProspect implemented iActivate, a proprietary Search automation platform which creates entire advertising accounts based on inventory data and syncs daily to create millions of up-to-date custom ads and keywords based on the different search combinations.


Since implementing iActivate, the results have been impactful across 2 key areas of the business:

  • +55% total revenue growth for the PartsEngine business YoY (primarily attributed to marketing)
  • +76% revenue growth across emergent categories including “Wheels and Tires”

In addition to driving strong business results in terms of revenue, the implementation of the Search automation platform was extremely efficient from a resource perspective as well. There are now 1.6 million ads and 1.7 million keywords updated on a daily basis given a client service team of just 2 experts.