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A message from Jeff Greenspoon

Jeff Greenspoon, CEO, Dentsu Canada

Hello and welcome!

The COVID-19 pandemic has called for a major pivot in strategy and execution from every angle of work, life, beliefs, and societal systems. I truly believe this has been the biggest wake-up call of our time. At dentsu, we’re steering towards pandemic-proof recovery and success in new year – for the evolution of our brands, our people, and our society.

As we continue to watch and understand which consumer behaviours will change permanently versus temporarily, one thing to keep in mind is this: when in doubt, we must look to the people who are serving others and do as they do. Results from our 2020 CMO survey show that empathy, agility, collaboration, consolidation and transparency can help us enrich our brands by forming authentic community and connection.

There is no playbook for what we’re experiencing right now. The best thing brands can do is keep it real and find a talented agency network who is embracing every angle of the story right now.

Stay healthy & safe,


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