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A message from Jeff Greenspoon

Jeff Greenspoon, CEO, Dentsu Canada

Hello and welcome to our first edition of the dentsu perspective! We are excited to welcome you into our virtual community. Keep an eye out every month as we share thought leadership, market trends and consumer insights from some of the brilliant people I have the pleasure of working with every day. 

Here at Dentsu we are focused on navigating change and we have grounded our evolution in supporting the evolution of our clients, with the knowledge that every brand can stand for something and be better. It’s our job to craft marketing solutions to help take you from now to next – to make meaningful progress from where businesses are to where they can be tomorrow. For the last six months, we have been keenly focused on analyzing and understanding a plethora of consumer data as to understand rapidly-shifting mindsets, challenging our own biases, and setting up our clients and their brands for success in an ever-changing time. While we look to data to help our clients address these questions, we firmly believe that when brands create work that helps consumers open their minds, makes them laugh, or makes their lives easier, stronger relationships built on trust and authenticity are born. To anyone who is still looking for answers and a sign of hope, I’d say this: things will get better; but they will be different, and the best thing we can all do is collaborate - embracing disruption as our strategy to win together - with both growth and good as our goal.

Stay well, and talk soon,


Our latest thought leadership

The BlackNorth Movement and Dentsu

The BlackNorth movement has sparked a chain reaction across corporate Canada. Over 200 business leaders from across the country have committed to taking the BlackNorth Initiative’s pledge, promising actionable steps to combat anti-Black systemic racism.

Our CCO, Kai Exos, spoke to The Message about the actions we have taken as a company and discusses why the partnership between DAN and the BlackNorth Initiative makes so much sense.

Our shared values of diversity and inclusion allow us to work together as team to hold the Canadian business community accountable for their actions while creating positive and meaningful impact.

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