Isobar Switzerland - 15 years, supporting 10+ NGOs in driving social impact

Over the last 15 years, Isobar Switzerland has worked to empower non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) to deliver on their mission with technology and expertise that connects, supports, and enables.

Isobar is a trusted global technology agency transforming businesses and brands, connecting the dots between platforms and business functions. We help our NGO clients to deliver on humanitarian/social initiatives with a greater sense of quality, flexibility, trust, and agility.

Our experience has given us insights on the significance of a well-integrated solutions that respects your parameters, data management requirements, company structure, etc. Our technology-agnostic approach puts your needs at the forefront, selecting an ideal solution across our technology partners (Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, etc). While we put focus on the implementation of our solutions, we understand that reliable support defines early adoption. From HQ to Field, support for your activities is driven by our Quality Shore centres in Portugal & Czech Republic, and our global network Dentsu Aegis Network, with 45’000 digital experts across 143 countries.

We help to unlock the potential of your organisation, creating solutions and providing expertise that directly address pain points in the industry: Connectivity & access, Data management & governance, transparency, domain infrastructure and large-scale project delivery (cross-organisations).

Our digital solutions within the NGO sector include:


Optimise fundraising processes and analytics to drive the balance of funds raised and create an emotional connection between the donor and association.

Support Ecosystems

Designing and deploying dedicated support ecosystem of tools & services, providing a robust interface for everyday/development enquiries

Additionally, our service centres allow multiple streams of application development.


Web & Mobile Development initiatives dedicated to those operating on the field or HQ

Automated testing: Our ingrained best practices and methodologies to improve efficiency


Delivering projects to better the lives of employees on the field and HQ

Agile coaching and training to manage projects as well as accelerating employee enablement and adoption

Organisational efficiency

CRM – We support, develop, and consult on the best in-cass CRM systems to support fundraising and provide better traceability.

ERP – Get the big picture of finance, logistics, HR, and payroll with an effectively integrated ERP system

Marketing Communication

Strategize and deploy effective internal communication on new initiatives and platforms

Customer/Employee Experience

Chatbot – delivering an interactive front to your customers/employees

UX/UI – Analysing and improving your customer experience

Isobar Switzerland continues to support & enable organisations that are driving the Social Impact and Humanitarian agenda, if you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to reach out to our digital experts.