An invitation to the never before | 2021 Effie Summit Recap

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Cindy Lee, Brand President of Isobar China delivered a keynote speech “An invitation to the never before” at 2021 Effie Greater China International Summit this morning. She brought the audience offline and online exciting insights and latest practice into creative marketing with technology.

100 years ago, we can see human’s desire for the application of sweeping robots, video calls, and drones from ancient works of art. Technology changes, while humans don’t. Creativity should be back to humanity. How do humans make progress together with technology to fully unlock the potential and smoothly enter another evolution stage – Augmented Humanity? With dentsu’s cases, Cindy shared her thinking from 5 perspectives: The Evolving Interface, The Human Algorithm, Digital Kinship, The Transformed Experience, and Post-purpose Activation.     

The Evolving Interface
Blockchain empowers decentralization; the passion for UGC explodes. KFC created AI barista Kiri and AI Sweets Bar, solving pain points of retail operation by creative experience. The interaction between human beings and technology is becoming increasingly frequent.

The Human Algorithm
Motion Data Lab by dentsu japan network applies individual motion data captured to health, training, and culture, helping clients achieve motion insights.

Digital Kinship
Virtual idols and digital artworks of varied types are constantly emerging, becoming a new upsurge of creativity. Generation α is rising with the evolution of digital technology. In the future, the connection between human and virtual world will reach a place of “never before”.

The Transformed Experience
AI and machine learning have been applied to innovations in the digital field, blurring the boundaries between virtual world and reality. They encroach on each other and become parallel to the real world. As to creativity, these technologies enable us to better achieve the “Augmented Humanity” and understand the impulses and reactions of human beings, thereby helping us to perceive and experience the world in various virtual-real interaction ways.

Post-purpose Activation
How can technology help brands rediscover and activate their influence? Taking the case of KFC's Plantable Basket and the project of sending HAKUTO-R onto the moon jointly developed by dentsu and ispace, all brands can make the world a better place through innovative thinking. By applying popular technologies and cultural phenomena to social welfare, the brand and the consumers will be a force for good and be creative together.

In the future, dentsu China will continue to offer the best-connected solutions ecosystem by integrating Media, Creative, and Customer Experience Management, to empower brands' growth and prosperity in China for a connected future. This is an invitation to the never before.